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Pinhole cameras : A diy guide Why wouldn t you love making magical images from a hole in a piece of card I have done it a hundred times but just keep on doing it and making your own camera come on that s just fantastic. Did You Ever Think That The Oatmeal Container You Open Every Morning When You Make Breakfast Could Be Turned Into A Camera Or That The Mint Tin Sitting On Your Desk Is Capable Of Creating Stunning Images In Pinhole Cameras, Photographer And Pinhole Aficionado Chris Keeney Shows You How To Transform Basic Household Containers A Shoebox, A Coffee Can, A Matchbox Into Amazing Photographic Devices Ok this is a great book however alot of the cameras require access to a darkroom after a single image which is alittle off putting All up a fun intresting simple how to book with plenty of scope to be taken further. Spiral bound book Looks good. I used this book to create cameras for a uni project, the guides are really clear and easy to follow, if you want to start having fun with film photography buy this book There s no way my pin hole photographs will ever be as technically good as pictures from my iPhone, but the pleasure of making a pin hole camera and getting some splodgy grainy pictures from it far exceed anything I ve achieved on the iPhone.Be careful, this absorbing past time could absorb all your free time, and you ll have a silly grin on your faceThis book will show you how to make a camera with all necessary calculations, choose your film and how to develop it, taking the picture is up to you. Excellent volume if you wish to make your own pinhole camera The book is hard back and has an internal spiral binding, which allows it to lie flat Ideal for reference whilst building your camera.

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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Pinhole cameras : A diy guide , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Chris Keeney auteurs dans le monde.

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