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The Education of Little Tree The Education Of Little Tree Tells Of A Boy Orphaned Very Young, Who Is Adopted By His Cherokee Grandmother And Half Cherokee Grandfather In The Appalachian Mountains Of Tennessee During The Great Depression Little Tree As His Grandparents Call Him Is Shown How To Hunt And Survive In The Mountains, To Respect Nature In The Cherokee Way, Taking Only What Is Needed, Leaving The Rest For Nature To Run Its Course Little Tree Also Learns The Often Callous Ways Of White Businessmen And Tax Collectors, And How Granpa, In Hilarious Vignettes, Scares Them Away From His Illegal Attempts To Enter The Cash Economy Granma Teaches Little Tree The Joys Of Reading And Education But When Little Tree Is Taken Away By Whites For Schooling, We Learn Of The Cruelty Meted Out To Indian Children In An Attempt To Assimilate Them And Of Little Tree S Perception Of The Anglo World And How It Differs From The Cherokee Way A Classic Of Its Era, And An Enduring Book For All Ages, The Education Of Little Tree Has Now Been Redesigned For This Twenty Fifth Anniversary Edition

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    The closest this book gets to touching nature is the sweet sappiness of the story Though the author put the story forward as true, he was not actually a Native, but a racist con man who fought to keep segregation and was a member of the KKK But this revelation shouldn t be that surprising, since the book is hardly insightful or sensitive in its views Carter s characters are old,

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    Within the first three pages I fell in love with our four year old narrator, whose grandfather called Little Tree His relationships with his grandparents reminded me so much of mine, it was hard not to identify with that even though his Cherokee culture was of course different Still, the love, the knowledge, the ways shown to live were in many ways, different but the same So Littl

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    The Education of Little Tree Which is Right The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter was chosen as the Pre 1980 Group Read by members of On the Southern Literary Trail for June, 2016 Special thanks to Trail Member Tina for nominating this work. The Education of Little Tree, First Edition, Delacorte Press, New York, New York, 1976 Forrest Carter, 1975 This is my third read of

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    Note there is a lot of controversy and here say about the author of this book Forget about it and enjoy this book with an innocent mind The Education of Little Tree follows a young boy as he follows his Grandpa, learning and loving as he goes From plowing to whiskey making, it divinely illustrates the power of self Regardless of external influences, industry, growth, abundance, and

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    This is one of my favorite books of all time It s so muchthan how you would describe it, so muchthan words like story about a boy and his grandparents living in the South describe The words have such power They are so vivid they recreate a world, a picture of a different time and place that is gone from us now Because of their power, I can so perfectly imagine those hills, that place

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    embarrassing after caty informed me, i googled the author and learned that the original edition was published as an autobiography, though carter is not of native american heritage, was a leader in the klu klux klan, and active as a segregtionist wow, huh if you ever want a defintion of appropriation and cultural theft, here s an exemplary one my tattered copy was dubbed as an autobiog

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    I got out of college without reading a heck of a lot of classic literature, American or otherwise Now I m trying to make up for lost time I picked up The Education of Little Tree because there happened to be a copy here at my sister s house I vaguely remembered there being some controversy la Rigoberta Mench or Nick Frey The reissue I have from 1999 has AMERICAN INDIANS FICTION on the

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    I remembered enjoying this book when i read it about fifteen years ago I stuck in on my list of have reads and gave it high marks Then I read a little bit about this author I just am flummoxed, though I shouldn t be the levels to which people will stoop Well, you can t deny he was a decent teller of tales, or lies, as Mark Twain might have said A klansman who formed his own chapter, too

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    I finished this book last weekend I d put it up there with The Alchemist and To Kill a Mockingbird, it was that powerful This is a work of fiction despite the intro, it is not really an autobiography about a 5 year old Cheerokee boy who is raised by his grandparents, Cheerokee hill people, after the death of his parents It is set in depression era Tennessee The story is told in vignettes

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    Interesting book, especially in the fact that the writer was also a speech writer for George Wallace, infamous Southern biggot and racist Maybe that shows Carter s true talent then, the ability to switch between such different literary voicesthe question is, which voice is his

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