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Ghost Riders The Latest Ballad Novel From Sharyn McCrumb Tells The True Story Of The Civil War In The Appalachians, Where Neighbors Became Enemies, And The Half Life Of Violence Keeps Soldiers Ghosts Abroad In The Modern Wilderness For Frontier Lawyer Zeb Vance, The War Was An Odyssey That Leads To The Governor S Mansion Malinda Blalock, Who Followed Her Young Husband Into Battle, Becomes A Union Bushwhacker, Making War Against Confederate Sympathizers In The Mountains

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    Recently Sharyn McCrumb posted on her Facebook page that her next novel will be out in August 2011, and suggested that we should read her earlier book Ghost Riders before then The new book will be about Tom Dooley, of Hang down your head, Tom Dooley fame His lawyer in the real story was Zebulon Vance, who is a major character in Ghost Riders By t

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    My lovely long suffering spouse, a fan of McCrumb, recommended this one to me I found it an interesting and educational historical novel McCrumb weaves an engaging tale of Appalachia blending the perspective of contemporary fictional characters with those of historical characters The author shows the Civil War in a light I d not seen before with the storie

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    Another very solid Ballad entry This one concerns the civil war and should raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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    Another excellent Ballad novel from Appalachian historical fiction pro who shows once again the past is never past.

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    Sharyn McCrumb began this series writing police procedurals that gave you a deep, rich sense of Appalachian life In the last book and evenin this one, she has moved on to writing historical fiction that happens to have Sheriff Arrowood as a present day character McCrumb shows how Appalachia is haunted, figuratively and in this book literally by the ghosts of conflict past Nora Bonestee

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    I only didn t like this one cos it s a bit too political for me And I found this one trickier to follow

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    Generally these mysteries have just a couple points of view This one had so many characters of both past and present that sometime I had trouble keeping up However, this one had many strong Civil War stories and research in it so if that is your thing, you might appreciate this one.

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    Here is another book that I may have never read if it had not been lent to me I love how sharing books can open up new ways of thinking for people I am so glad I read it as it has wet my appetite for learningabout the Reconstruction following the Civil War Ghost Riders is set in the Appalachian Mountains and tells the tale of the impact of the Civil War on those who lived in these mountains bordering North and Sout

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    What a frustrating book On the one hand, I liked the voices of the characters very much I could just about hear them speaking in my mind I truly enjoyed some of the characters very much but they didn t appear as often as I liked On the downside what was this story supposed to be about I was drawn to it because of the title and the summary I saw in the book club newsletter it s the Civil War and a young woman dresses up like

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    This is my second time of reading for this book I appreciated it muchthe second time through I now live where the story took place I have been to some of the places mentioned I now know of the people mentioned The Appalachian mountains at the time of the civil war was a divided area Communities were divided on the issues that provoked The War Families were divided Neighbors killed neighbors, abused neighbors, and hated neighbors After

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