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She Walks These Hills In The Appalachian Community Of Dark Hollow, Tennessee, Some Believe That The Ghost Of Katie Wyler, Kidnapped By The Shawnee Two Hundred Years Ago, Is Once Again Roaming The Hills Only An Old Woman Gifted With The Sight And Policewoman Martha Ayers Can Put The Superstitions To Rest And Stop A Flesh And Blood Predator As Elusive As The Whistling Wind

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    I cried at the end This was an atmospheric tale and I loved it My favorite character was Martha I loved how the author fully emerges the reader in the folklore and the landscape and then, connects us with the characters Once we re hooked, the action begins.Favorite passages I loved the author s description of the landscape around Ashe Mountain in September, which places me right there in the midst of it all the sharp chill of the lengthening nights and the dulling of the ast

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    I love books with strong plots, and the architecture of McCrumb s novel has an admirable set of relationships between past and present The foundation of her novel is based on the legend of Katie Wyler, an 18th century settler, captured and held by the Shawnee until she escaped and walked miles and miles home roughly from Morgantown to Ashville in hopes of reconnecting with her people McCrumb juxtaposes this tale with several characters who live in Appalachia in the late 20th Cen

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    I ll admit to having been disappointed when McCrumb segued into her NASCAR books, but understand the desire to evolve Of her many ballad books I loved this one most because of the way that she wove together the history, the mystery and the ghost stories Beautifully written and a well made statement about women s roles in the past and present.

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    Harm Sorley has gone a little crazy in prison Either the alcohol or the confinement, mostly likely both, has got him confused about where and when he is But not so confused that he couldn t escape and start heading for the only home he s ever known, in the country hills of Tennessee.But muchtime has passed than Harm realizes His beautiful wife and baby daughter are almost 40 years older The land has changed And Harm himself has changed too.His wife, remarried now to a respectable Harm S

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    There arepeople walking the woods of these hills than coyotes howling at the moon Having walked some of the trails in the Appalachian Mountain region of our great country, it was a treat to recall my own appreciation for the beauty of this land This story covers three different time periods The ghost of Katie Wyler, a pioneer woman is from the late 1700 s We have Hiram Harm Sorley, a 65 year old escaped convict who s memory is stuck in the 1960 s Then comes present day with Jeremy C There a

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    I love all of McCrumb s ballad series Not necessarily the best writing, nor the most intriguing mysteries, but the way that she weaves together the stories behind each of the folk ballads with the modern time happenings is justmagic to me.

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    This puts a realistic picture of Appalachian life for us who might want to think of it romantically.

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    view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

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    Not enough of the ghost, but some fascinating lore of the area I d never heard of the Melungeon ethnic group either

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    An absolutely charming story about Appalachia, weaving history together with the present and giving a gorgeous portrait of life in one of the oldest and untouched parts of America.

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About the Author: Sharyn McCrumb

Sharyn McCrumb, an award winning Southern writer, is best known for her Appalachian Ballad novels, including the New York Times best sellers The Ballad of Tom Dooley, The Ballad of Frankie Silver, and The Songcatcher Ghost Riders, which won the Wilma Dykeman Award for Literature from the East Tennessee Historical Society and the national Audie Award for Best Recorded Books The Unquiet Grave, a well researched novel about West Virginia s Greenbrier Ghost, will be published in September by Atria, a division of Simon Schuster Sharyn McCrumb, named a Virginia Woman of History by the Library of Virginia and a Woman of the Arts by the national Daughters of the American Revolution, was awarded the Mary Hobson Prize for Arts Letters in 2014 Her books have been named New York Times and Los Angeles Times Notable Books In addition to presenting programs at universities, libraries, and other organizations throughout the US, Sharyn McCrumb has taught a writers workshop in Paris, and served as writer in residence at King University in Tennessee, and at the Chautauqua Institute in western New York.