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  1. Veeral Veeral says:

    Review may contain some minor spoilers The Accidental Time Machine came at a right time in my life No, I am not having any pre mid life crisis not yet, at least it s just that that for the past dozen or so days, I was experiencing some serious reading withdrawal I would pick up a book thinking that finally I have found the right one, read a couple of chapters, and then with a big sigh, put it back on the shelf I couldn t continue even if I found a book interesting This happened at least 10 times until I picked up The Accidental Time Machine.And let me tell you, the only thing that is accidental here is that that the book s hero, Matthew, invents the time machine accidentally How else Apart from that, nothing that he does from then on could be considered inadvertent He knew exactly where he was going and when The machine only travelled into the future But the time frame increased exponentially with each use, hence providing an intriguing set up for the novel.One thing that annoys me whenever I read a time travel story no, the paradoxes don t deter me, or I shouldn t be reading this sort of book in the first place is that that the characters generally behave rashly without contemplating whether they would survive time travelling Just jump in and press the button It s surprising that none of them ever end up with their heads in the present and torso in the past or future The author s science exempts them from this very probable fate And that bugs me Every time.Thankfully, here Matthew does a lot of experiments and calculations which are very interesting to read before concluding that he could use the machine to transport himself to the future In his journey, he comes across a religious dystopia from where a girl named Martha accompanies him on his further journeys They travel much farther into the future to a utopia maintained by an AI Understandably, the AI is bored of the utopia utopias are always boring and wants to accompany them on their future exploits, but not without its own ulterior motives.Matthew and Martha want to go back to their own respective times, but in order to do that, they have to travel to a future earth which might have made enough technological advances which might help them to travel to their original pasts as I said earlier, his machine only travelled into the future.I won t tell what exactly happens and ruin it for you, but I could at least say that this book is well written, extremely funny at times, and raises a lot of questions about humanity living in various advanced or backward stages of civilization The reviews for this book here are all over the place and the average rating is a bit lower than other well loved time travel books, but in my opinion, that does not reflect the true difference of quality between The Accidental Time Machine and other popular books like To Say Nothing of the Dog, Time and Again and The Anubis Gates This book deserves as much appreciation as the other well known books of the genre are getting Even , in some cases.

  2. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    It s 2057 and Matt Fuller is a postgrad student in chronophysics at MIT He s essentially given up on his thesis and works as an assistant to Professor Marsh, and his girlfriend Kara has just dumped him Having constructed a calibrating machine for the professor s work, Matt hits the reset button and watches it blink out of existence, only to return before anyone but him notices The second time he presses it, it disappears for ten seconds Kidnapping the machine, he takes it home and pursues some experiments, figuring out that the machine time travels first it was one second, then 10, then 170 and then 2073 seconds By the time he gets up to three days, he s attached a turtle and a camera to it and tries again This time the metal machine has shifted off its wooden base, as well The camera shows nothing but some grey static for a short time, and the turtle hasn t been gone long enough, in its own time reference, to need water, food or sleep The clock he had attached shows it was gone for only a minute.Matt calculates that the next time jump will be for 39 days and a bigger distance, and decides to go with it He needs a metal cage, and borrows an old Ford from his drug dealer friend Denny Reappearing a minute later, in his own time, to create a traffic accident, Matt s arrested for the murder of Denny, who died when he saw the car vanish in front of his drug addled eyes When his million dollar bail is paid by someone who looks like him and who sends him a message, Get in the car and go , Matt jumps forward in time over 170 years, only to find that the world is a very different place and he s no closer to finding a civilisation that can help him go back in time to bail himself out of jail The only thing he can do is keep moving forward in time.This book has plenty of promise, but is disappointingly flat Matt is a non entity in fact, none of the characters are fleshed out much and simply function as plot devices, vehicles through which to move the story forward Which is ironic, since the story is the characters and can t exist without them.I couldn t even tell you what they looked like Not a big deal, but a good writer will create a fully realised and very real character through their personality, their dialogue, their choices, and so you get a very real sense of them without details like what colour hair they have etc Sadly, Matt doesn t have much of a personality, or charisma, or attributes that make you care one way or the other.The other disappointing aspect of the novel is the time travelling itself While there is a bit of a creepy, almost scary atmosphere jumping forward so far that humans don t even exist any tends to make me feel pretty melancholy and blah it s wasn t terribly imaginative, and lacks realism because it presupposes certain things, such as a very stable environment, for which there is every indication we have royally screwed up.While there is one neat little twist at the very end, to do with genealogy, the big glaring who paid Matt s bail and how question was never fully resolved Oh, there s a trite explanation, but I was left feeling way confused than before.By the end of the novel, I was feeling quite apathetic towards the whole story What was the point What message did it convey I d say there are a few messages concerning the human condition and the fundamental laws of physics etc., but I really didn t care enough to bother thinking about them I could tell that they were there, but unlike some other books with similar themes, or potent messages , I couldn t help but think that I could spend oh so many minutes thinking about it, and deduce nothing original from it I didn t mind the book while I was reading it, though it took longer than it should have, being short and simply enough written Now that I m writing this review and all the negatives are coming out, I m going to have to revise my rating of 3 and give it a 2 it was okay, just okay.

  3. Sandi Sandi says:

    The Accidental Time Machine is the kind of old fashioned science fiction I loved growing up It s got a brevity and tone that s very much like Bradbury or Asimov I ve always been a sucker for time travel stories and this one didn t disappoint There was a lot of detail left out that other author probably would have included, but that was fine with me In current books, authors have a tendency to spell everything out for the reader Haldeman doesn t do that As a result, the reader has to use his or her imagination to fill in the blanks While this isn t a great book, it was a lot of FUN to read I had a hard time putting it down, and was sorry when it was over.

  4. Penny Penny says:

    I flew through this book It gets going on page one and doesn t stop for a moment It s non stop fun, it s unexpected, and it s just fantastic story telling The name tells you everything you need to know about the story, but not how enjoyable it is Life is fleeting Also it isn t There are a number of iterations of humanity all of which seem as likely as the last Makes you wonder where we ll be as a society in however many years timeBig thumbs up Lots of enjoyment in this one.

  5. Libby Libby says:

    Well, I didn t particularly like the book but I didn t not like it either Another reader noted that they felt ambivalent about the book and I d say that s accurate for me as well It was a somewhat interesting, light read perfect for a long flight or the beach SPOILER The most interesting part of the novel is when they settle in the past but that was only covered for a few pages as if it was almost shoved in as a wrap up The book almost seemed incomplete missing lots of detail and like a movie script That being said, I don t know if I enjoyed the general plot enough to want the book to be expanded END SPOILER My recommendation If you need to kill a few hours on a plane, pick this up Otherwise, you are not missing out too much.

  6. Andy Andy says:

    I have fairly specific requirements for time travel stories However they treat time travel it has to make sense to me This book did which is the main reason it got 5 stars The plot is actually fairly simplistic and there are really only 2 3 characters none of whom are very deep or rich, but it was quite entertaining The story follows Matt into the distance future, one leap at a time in a way that reminded me quite a bit of Marooned in Realtime another favorite.

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    A couple of years ago, I pounded the Goodreads pavement pretty hard searching for pretty much any time travel book I could find to add to my ever growing to read list a list which has, to my horror, since surpassed 1,500 books for every book I periodically cull, ten pop up in its place The Accidental Time Machine was one of the books I found I d heard of Joe Haldeman because his Forever War series is a classic of the military sci fi genre, although I have yet to read it I wish I had started with that series instead, because this book was kind of a dud Anyway, it certainly hasn t left me with much faith in Haldeman as a serious author The Accidental Time Machine is exactly like what you d expect it to be based on the title Ex graduate student Matt Fuller accidentally creates a time machine while working as a research assistant for an MIT physics professor Newly dumped, and even newly fired, Matt decides to pop off into the future instead of sticking around in the present his time machine only goes one way Hijinks ensue.The plot of the book held my attention Parts of it, particularly the parts at the beginning when Matt is doing his experiments on his time machine and figuring out how it all works, were really interesting to read about But as soon as Matt starts interacting with other characters, and then jumping further and further into the future, I was less and less impressed with him, and with the book It s definitely an intentional, modern homage to The Time Machine, with all the metaphorical social commentary that entails, but the updates Haldeman made to the basic story, and the futures he invented just didn t hit me very hard or seem all that novel Plus, Matt is kind of a sexist asshole I mean, he s okay But he has so little personality to begin with that when he makes so many comments about objectifying women, and then the whole thing later with him view spoiler marrying the naive little religious waif who is somehow also open about sex, and turning her into a science sex waif instead hide spoiler

  8. Denis Denis says:

    I haven t read much of Haldeman s work I have read The Forever War and I don t recall much of it Just remember that I liked it enough, but did not love it This one was very unexpected It was a whole lot of fun Good time travel story written with a golden age approach A little is Heinlein, Silverberg and definitely a Well influence here protagonist even has a Wena like character tagging along with him There some sloppy bits and a little questionable motivation issues, but over all it was good fun right to the end.

  9. Brad Brad says:

    A spoiler or two follow, but nothing that will wreck The Accidental Time Machine At least I don t think they will The Accidental Time Machine is a pretty disappointing piece of Sci Fi, but then my expectations were probably too high I ve heard great things about Joe Haldeman over the years, particularly about his Hugo Award Winning book The Forever War, so I was expecting The Accidental Time Machine to be entertaining and hoping it would be compelling It was neither Before I go on, though, I should mention that The Accidental Time Machine is only the third book I have ever listened to on tape So I didn t read this book, I listened to it a mode of delivery that I fear may have fatally altered my perception of Haldeman s story because I couldn t stand the narrator Kevin R Free s vocal performance was terrible Often, he failed to match the emotion that Haldeman s words intended the voices he provided for different characters occasionally bled into one another, detracting from the flow of the story, forcing me to struggle to figure out who was speaking and his accents Boston, Australian, Imaginary were universally unconvincing I found myself wishing over and over that someone else was reading this book I also took out Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea that day, and if my experience with that isn t better I may be finished with audio books for good.I am not convinced, however, that Kevin R Free is completely to blame for my disappointment in The Accidental Time Machine I never seemed to connect to the story itself, and a big part of that had to do with my feelings for the painfully flat protagonist, Matt.I never cared about Matt, and I had a hard time buying his slacker calm Whether he was walking into the Massachusetts Institute of Theosophy, being interrogated for the murder of his former drug dealer, turning over his bottle of wine to an insane auction in a distant, future, uber L.A., or placing his trust in the strange, time machine sextet, Matt was totally unflappable But get him around a naked woman, a futuristic porn computer, a cuddly ex girlfriend, or his Nobel Prize winning grandson nee mentor, and he is suddenly Mister Flappable.And that s his entire personality in two mini paragraphs Maybe I can make it even simpler still slacker unflappability or squirmy, petty flappability He never grows, he never changes, and he ultimately makes a happy life out of mediocrity What a hero And I won t even get into Martha and her boring sexual na vet , athiest agnostic awakening, or modest immodesty Sure, there were some clever and likable bits I enjoyed La for a while, the artificial intelligence who embodied Los Angeles I thought the memory helmet was a nice touch and something about the family Matt caught fish with in the time of the Christers was satisfying But there was way too much crap Haldeman referenced countless sci fi classics without subtlety or inspiration, his ending was too pat, too deus ex machina, and the constantly forward moving action jumping, jumping, jumping never really made sense to me in connection with Matt s character I just didn t believe he was a curious enough person to drive the plot forward in that manner And then there was Haldeman s constant use of not un George Orwell s disdain for the not un configuration is one that I share not undeeply Haldeman did it and did it and did it again, and I wanted to not unstrangle him..He s not the only author who uses not un Many do But I usually notice its use and move on, letting it fade into the background when the story has anything to offer me The fact that my aggravation grew every time Haldeman used it is a sign of how disappointed in The Accidental Time Machine I am My feelings about Kevin R Free s vocal performance mitigates, ever so slightly, my negative feelings for Haldeman s book, but if Haldeman doesn t impress me when I read The Forever War our relationship as author and reader will be over for good.

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The Accidental Time Machine Joe Haldeman has quietly become one of the most important science fiction writers of our time Rocky Mountain News Now he delivers a provocative novel of a man who stumbles upon the discovery of a lifetime or many lifetimes Grad school dropout Matt Fuller is toiling as a lowly research assistant at MIT when, while measuring subtle quantum forces that relate to time changes in gravity and electromagnetic force, his calibrator turns into a time machine With a dead end job and a girlfriend who has left him for another man, Matt has nothing to lose taking a time machine trip himself or so he thinks.

  • Hardcover
  • 278 pages
  • The Accidental Time Machine
  • Joe Haldeman
  • English
  • 17 October 2017
  • 9780441014996

About the Author: Joe Haldeman

Jack C Haldeman IIHaldeman is the author of 20 novels and five collections The Forever War won the Nebula, Hugo and Ditmar Awards for best science fiction novel in 1975 Other notable titles include Camouflage, The Accidental Time Machine and Marsbound as well as the short works Graves, Tricentennial and The Hemingway Hoax Starbound is scheduled for a January release SFWA president Russell Davis called Haldeman an extraordinarily talented writer, a respected teacher and mentor in our community, and a good friend Haldeman officially received the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master for 2010 by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America at the Nebula Awards Weekend in May, 2010 in Hollywood, Fla.