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Christy The Train Taking Nineteen Year Old Teacher Christy Huddleston From Her Home In Asheville, North Carolina, Might As Well Be Transporting Her To Another World The Smoky Mountain Community Of Cutter Gap Feels Suspended In Time, Trapped By Poverty, Superstitions, And Century Old TraditionsBut As Christy Struggles To Find Acceptance In Her New Home, Some See Her And Her One Room School As A Threat To Their Way Of Life Her Faith Is Challenged And Her Heart Is Torn Between Two Strong Men With Conflicting Views About How To Care For The Families Of The CoveYearning To Make A Difference, Will Christy S Determination And Devotion Be Enough

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    Beautiful, beautiful I am so glad I read it, and I heartily recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants a deep and wondrous read Featuring a man calling his wife and son twitter witted.Thanks for reading

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    This warm and heartfelt novel is Catherine Marshall s loving tribute to her mother Lenora Woods journey to Cutter Gap, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, to teach its children shortly after the turn of the century The effect it had on her mother s life and faith is captured with

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    Okay so I have read this book about 10 times, most recently 2008 It is about a young women who heads to the mountains to become a school teacher and the challenges she faces There are two hunky guys she flirts with, too This book does have religious tones while Christy questions and fig

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    For anyone who says that reading fiction is not as edifying and worthwhile as reading a non fiction book, I say, Have you read Christy I mourn that Catherine Marshall wasn t around in my lifetime, but I feel so utterly blessed that she poured her heart and soul and love into this eternal sto

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    I listened to this on audio, so pardon any misspellings Okay, this is going to be a complicated review In my opinion, Christy is a good book, just maybe not for all audiences I m giving it a solid 3.5 stars for didn t love didn t hate but liked itthan 3 stars but not quite 4 stars There were thin

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    Full review now posted This book is billed as the first Christian fiction novel Before this point, an author s faith might be woven through their work, but that didn t put it in a different genre Thanks to Marshall s novel, an entirely new genre was born and has now split into multiple subgenres The b

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    This was the book that spawned adult reading for me My mom read it aloud on a car trip to the Smokey Mountains The characters are engaging and could walk off the page Truly the first experience I had with characters that i would recognize if they walked into the room.Fifteen years later, this book remains

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    This was my second time reading Christy, and I enjoyed itthan I did the first time Actually I listened to the audiobook this time, narrated by Kellie Martin, and it was well done I love this book for many reasons, not the least of which is how each character is so sensitively drawn, and how spiritual themes are

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    Is this the end Why isn t thereThis was my first time reading Christy by Catherine Marshall and I loved it Why didn t I read it sooner My only complaint is that the book ended More thoughts to come, potentially.Now, onto Julie

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    I read Christy in two days Not only was it a beautifully written and timeless narrative of Appalachian culture, it was also a most refreshing romance There are two main men in this book, the young Pastor, David and Dr Neil MacNeil a self proclaimed atheist What strikes me so throughly is the fact that both men are a perf

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