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  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • December Road
  • Brenda Ashworth Barry
  • English
  • 27 September 2019

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December Road I thought this was wonderful Their was tension on every page and watching Beth Ann grow into a woman of power and over come the things she had to because of things that happened was something to read Also, Kaylob had to learn to over come his time in a POW camp This seemed so real and so sad at the same time I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out I loved Seasons but I have to say this was my favorite Loved Grammy and Nicoloas too The scenes were sweet and the whole southern aspect to this book was there.I could taste the green beans and southern fried chicken The labor scene of Lisa was hysterical and just love these characters.Great job and good read. Kaylob returns home after two years of imprisonment in a POW camp in Vietnam Will he ever be back to his whole self again after what he’s endured? Beth Ann has the daunting task of dealing with his PostTraumatic Syndrome, while engaged to Kaylob’s arch enemy, Blake Tanner, a rich and powerful man who refuses to let her go Having survived such a painful separation, no longer the innocents they were just a few short years ago, Beth Ann and Kaylob must now see if their love can stand the test of time, and how he will handle the news of her engagement, which she plans on breaking now that Kaylob, her only true love, has returned home safely Will Beth Ann and Kaylob ever get their happy ever after, or will circumstances take their dreams away? This second installment of Ms Barry's series Seasons of Love and War picks up where the last left us with Kaylob just back from Viet Nam and fighting his demons The story is filled with sadness and yet leads to ultimate love The characters are well drawn and we are routing for Beth Ann and Kaylob to work through all they've been through and find peace as they move forward together The author brought to life a complex time in history that we need to remember with respect. I fell in love with these characters when I read the first book in the series, and it was so wonderful to visit with them again and see how much they've grown! The relationships between Beth Ann, Kaylob and Blake, who've known each other since childhood, get evencomplicated in this satisfying sequel, and now there's something dangerous added to the mix Who is stalking Beth Ann, the beautiful Tonywinning singer and actress? I guarantee you'll have to keep reading until you find out what happens in the end, but there's stillto find out in the next book Looking forward to the rest of this wonderful saga! Oh my God!I am single and will never ever find a love like Kaylob and Beth Ann have I am not one to give away a story, but twice I was reaching for tissues and could not stop crying I thought nothing would top the first story, but I was so wrong This is one series that any person with a romantic bone in their body has to read I am starting book three tomorrow and I can not wait. I read the first book of this saga and was very impressed so I decided to continue with the second All I can say is I am glad I did The author has an amazing talent in bringing the characters alive, almost like you are really living in their universe You care about them and their struggles and victories There is also enough tragedy and dark story lines to counter balance the romance It all blends together seamlessly into a great read I will purchase the rest of this series looking forward to discovering how these characters lives evolve. This Author outdid herself with this book The situation Kaylob is in after getting rescued is heartbreaking but I think Beth Ann had it worse being torn apart from both sides PTSD is serious and am glad Kaylob got help with it but it took Beth Ann walking away first I'm looking forward to reading the prequel and the next book Kuddos to the Author of this fine written series/saga. Brenda has no doubt created another masterpiece Never, has there been a story quite like this before The poetic sentences entice your senses and make you feel like you are close friends and family of the characters as you live their triumphs and their failures along with them Your soul will be rooting for them and crying with them When two people love each other like Kaylob and Beth Ann, you can overcome almost anything.

About the Author: Brenda Ashworth Barry

Brenda Ashworth Barry's first book was a memoir titled, Healing the Voices Within, which was never published but sponsored on a local TV station and flew off the shelves at her Healing Center in Redding California.Her most recent work is a six part saga of star crossed lovers separated by the war in Vietnam, entitled Seasons of Love and War Brenda worked for over five years to bring the Saga aliv