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April's Secret Storm Just went Beth Ann and Kaylob try to put the kidnapping behind them and believe things are calming down Secrets that were long buried, come barreling at them like a storm Everything Kaylob thought he knew about his world, turns out to be anything but New love for Frankie could also be on the horizon and will be brought about through the secrets that were kept from Kaylob The question is, will Frankie be ready to settle down and give up his playboy lifestyle? The saga continues with some heart break and happy news But the big question is, can Kaylob enjoy the anything, or any wonderful news when his life has been turned upside down Brenda's Best writing yet Full of twists and turns. The cover drew me to the book Had I know it was romance I probably wouldn’t have read it, as I haven’t read romance novels in decades It was young romance; therefore, it took me back to another time during my reading career I’m not the best person to review this book.The book had some interesting plots This book was complete within itself even though it was part of a series I surmised some of the previous events The author did a good job in referencing them I think though if I had read previous books the characters would have cometo life for me like people out of a continuing soap opera.My favorite characters were Blake and Ginger who cametowards the end of the book.The author left the book on a good cliffhanger.I’m old I’m trying to put myself in the ‘way back machine’ to when I would have devoured such novels, and I think I devoured my fair share of them a long time ago So, I’m rating based on that It was written well and moved along well and stayed true to the genre and had characters that I’m sure grew with each new book in the series. I thought this book was the best yet The writing was beautiful and flowed in a way that makes you want to keep reading The secrets came out and I felt the pain from them Just everything in this book held my interest The characters took on a deeper meaning I loved getting to know Frankie on aserious level I can't imagine that this is book five and the Saga only has one left I just want to continue to be a part of their lives Great story and even if you picked up this book alone It does stand all by itself A must read Loved it Love the characters Love the story Love how the relationships build and the characters grow I definitely want to read the four books before this one and I can't wait to read book 6! Started this book last night, couldn't wait to finish it!It's 2 am, I need to sleep now!

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • April's Secret Storm
  • Brenda Ashworth Barry
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9781680462227

About the Author: Brenda Ashworth Barry

Brenda Ashworth Barry's first book was a memoir titled, Healing the Voices Within, which was never published but sponsored on a local TV station and flew off the shelves at her Healing Center in Redding California.Her most recent work is a six part saga of star crossed lovers separated by the war in Vietnam, entitled Seasons of Love and War Brenda worked for over five years to bring the Saga aliv

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