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Finding Chika Bestselling Author Mitch Albom Returns To Nonfiction For The First Time In Than A Decade In This Poignant Memoir That Celebrates Chika, A Young Haitian Orphan Whose Short Life Would Forever Change His HeartChika Jeune Was Born Three Days Before The Devastating Earthquake That Decimated Haiti In She Spent Her Infancy In A Landscape Of Extreme Poverty, And When Her Mother Died Giving Birth To A Baby Brother, Chika Was Brought To The Have Faith Haiti Orphanage That Albom Operates In Port Au PrinceWith No Children Of Their Own, The Forty Plus Children Who Live, Play, And Go To School At The Orphanage Have Become Family To Mitch And His Wife, Janine Chika S Arrival Makes A Quick Impression Brave And Self Assured, Even As A Three Year Old, She Delights The Other Kids And Teachers But At Age Five, Chika Is Suddenly Diagnosed With Something A Doctor There Says, No One In Haiti Can Help You With Mitch And Janine Bring Chika To Detroit, Hopeful That American Medical Care Can Soon Return Her To Her Homeland Instead, Chika Becomes A Permanent Part Of Their Household, And Their Lives, As They Embark On A Two Year, Around The World Journey To Find A Cure As Chika S Boundless Optimism And Humor Teach Mitch The Joys Of Caring For A Child, He Learns That A Relationship Built On Love, No Matter What Blows It Takes, Can Never Be LostTold In Hindsight, And Through Illuminating Conversations With Chika Herself, This Is Albom At His Most Poignant And Vulnerable Finding Chika Is A Celebration Of A Girl, Her Adoptive Guardians, And The Incredible Bond They Formed A Devastatingly Beautiful Portrait Of What It Means To Be A Family, Regardless Of How It Is Made This book was received as an ARC from HarperCollins Publishers in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.I have always been a Mitch Albom fan from his sportscasting to his books such as Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven This book made me an even bigger fan of him because it showed his loving vulnerable side and how much love he has in his heart for taking care of Chika This book is a prime example of how reaching out can lead to your life changing for the better and your heart becomes full just like how Mitch s did while taking care of Chika Flying down to Hati and visiting the orphanage changed Mitch s life for the better and if this book does not warm your heart, I do not know what will This book also has a happy ending, and I like happy endings.We will consider adding this title to our Biography collection at our library That is why we give this book 5 stars. Mitch Albom is going to have a new book and no one here except me on goodreads is hyped for it Author Mitch Albom and his wife Janine run an orphanage in Haiti, and they received a call that one of their favorite children, 5 year old Chika, had something very wrong The only MRI machine in Haiti identified a brain mass, so they brought Chika to Michigan to see if they could get treatment for her She had a rare incurable brain tumor which attacks young children, but they tried everything, including extended stays in Germany for an experimental treatment The book was very thought provoking, because I wondered how far I would go to try and save my child Would I keep seeking a cure, as they did, despite the fact that most doctors told them that it was hopeless Would I keep looking, even while the child was bedridden with a feeding tube Or would I have put her on hospice care with minimal intervention Who can say Have some tissues handy as you read this one. Thanks to HarperCollins Publishers and NetGalley for an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review.Touching tribute to Chitka, whom the author and his wife rescued from a Haitian orphanage so she could receive better medical care in the United States I loved Chitka s spirit I will think of her when things are tough I was a bit confused at times if the author was imagining Chitka s presence or if they were true memories My favorite book by this author remains Tuesdays with Morrie.

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