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The Silence Imprint Thomas Mercer Has Snapped Up A Psychological Suspense Debut By Author Daisy Pearce In A Two Book Deal World English Rights Were Acquired From Catherine Cho At Curtis Brown For In The Dark To Be Published In Print, Ebook, And Audio In Spring Followed By A Second Untitled Novel Later That Year In The Dark Is A Chilling Psychological Suspense About Monsters That Lurk In Plain Sight When Former Child TV Star, Stella Wiseman, Encounters Marco An Older Man She Met Previously In A Nightclub Her Something Life Is Fraying, The Synopsis Reads In Despair Over Her Father S Sudden Illness, She Is Only Too Grateful When He Sweeps Into Her Life, Wealthy And Assured, And Deals With Everything She Thinks She Can T Face But Even The Kindest Strangers Can Be Dangerous When Your Life Is At Its Lowest Ebb Editor At Thomas Mercer Jane Snelgrove Said I Will Never Forget Reading The Thrilling Denouement Of In The Dark, Daisy Pearce S Highly Accomplished Psychological Suspense Debut It Was One Of Those Rare Moments Where Everything Disappears Around You As You Chase The Words Across The Page I Am So Looking Forward To Working With Daisy On Her Gripping And Atmospheric Suspense Novels

10 thoughts on “The Silence

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    For my full review, visit me at have read books covering many fictional scenarios rape, graphic murders, paedophiles but this novel left me with a constant sickening feeling in my s

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    Scattered, jumbled storySorry to say that I couldn t connect to this one at all There s something about the writing style that made it difficult to get into the story, and though there are el

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    So compelling I read this book in one dayI am an avid reader and can plow through books very quickly in a few days if on vacation I downloaded this at the airport in Newark on my way to Frankfurt and c

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    I had this free as an First read book and I thought it was very good Once a child tv star, our heroine whose name escapes me meets an older man and gets involved in a relationship with him Gradually we see him

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    The story had good premise but the writing style was lacking Flashbacks are all good when used properly, but shouldn t be used as an oh wait this happened too after the story jumps a week into the future It was like when

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    Absolutely tore through this book over one late night and early morning I love the stuttering time jumps as Stella loses grip on reality because of those damn little gray pills The haunted little ocean cabin was very creepy and viv

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    I do t usually have such strong reactions to books I don t care for but this book drove me insane Not a single character was in any way like able or relatable The story was disconnected and confusing at times The supernatural element, in my

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    Read this in one day Quick pace, easy to get through, writing style is easy to follow.I love a book with twists and turns but unfortunately this wasn t it, easy to figure out what was going to happen from the beginning so there were no surprises.Still

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    Compelling storyI found the story and characters pretty compelling The first third was a little slow but the last part, I read all in one sitting I seem to have a fascination with mental illness and why people fall prey to it Worth reading, hope the author has

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    No major spoilers Gaslighting at its most extreme and a ghost made this confusing to read, but in all the right ways This book definitely left me feeling creeped out all the way through, and while the full plot was predictable, the details, or perhaps the questions, are

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