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The Silence She S Broken She S Vulnerable She S Just What Marco Was Looking ForStella Wiseman Was A Child TV Star, But There S Nothing Glamorous About Her Life Now Alone In Her Thirties, She S Lost Her Parents And Her Friends And She S Stuck In A Dead End Job But Just As She Hits Rock Bottom She Meets Marco, A Charismatic Older Man Who Offers To Get Her Back On Her Feet He Seems Too Good To Be TrueIs He She Appreciates The Money He Lavishes On Her And The Pills But Are The Pills Just Helping Her Sleep, Or Helping Her Avoid Her Problems With Stella S Life Still In Freefall, Marco Whisks Her Away To A Secluded Cottage Where She Is Isolated From Everyone Except Him But The Closer He Pulls Her, The Worse She Gets He Tells Her It S All In Her Head, And She Just Needs Time Away From The WorldNo Longer Sure What S Real And What S Not, Stella Begins To Question Whether She Was Wrong To Trust Marco Was She Wrong To Trust Herself Is The One Person She Thought Was Fighting For Her Survival Actually Her Biggest Threat

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    For my full review, visit me at have read books covering many fictional scenarios rape, graphic murders, paedophiles but this novel left me with a constant sickening feeling in my s

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    Scattered, jumbled storySorry to say that I couldn t connect to this one at all There s something about the writing style that made it difficult to get into the story, and though there are el

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    Without giving away the story, all I can say is that it s a predictable narrative Gaslighting, narcotics, psychological abuse are the mainstays of this novel.It s a decent read if you just go with the

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    I don t usually have such strong reactions to books I don t care for but this book drove me insane Not a single character was in any way like able or relatable The story was disconnected and confusing at times T

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    If you like a story about gaslighting this is the book for you.

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    Another case of a bridge too far, this is a decent book that could have been great but for the heavy handed prose Pearce takes a straight forward story that builds suspense and turns it on its ear, drowning in self indulgent writin

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    This is a great psychological thriller Stella meets Marco and slowly starts to fall in love with him He recognises her from being a child star in a sitcom and seems to have been a big fan Stella is encouraged by Marco to take a pill each day

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    Stella, a former child star, falls for an older man Stella is in her thirties and her life is in a downward spiral She believes her new suitor will help save her, but he may be part of the problem A predictable psychological thriller with unlikable ch

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It s taken me a bit of time to get to this review because I found the central relationship quite hard to stomach due to past experience Daisy s depiction of gaslighting is spot on B

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    This was myFirst Reads pick for the month of February.It s one thing to be a broken individual that someone could easily prey on It s quite another to be that AND painfully stupid That s the reason I could not finish this book Not only was it glaringly obvious from chapt

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