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Sinister Magic I M Val Thorvald, And I M An Assassin When Magical Bad Guys Hurt People, I Take Care Of Them Permanently This Doesn T Make Me Popular With The Rest Of The Magical Community As You Can Tell From The Numerous Break Ins And Assassination Attempts I Ve Endured Over The Years But Thanks To My Half Elven Blood, A Powerful Sword Named Chopper, And A Telepathic Tiger With An Attitude, I Ve Always Been Able To Handle My Problems With Aplomb Maybe Some Cursing And Swearing, Too, But Definitely Aplomb That Changes When My Boss Is Afflicted With A Mysterious Disease, A Government Agent Starts Investigating Me, And A Godforsaken Dragon Shows Up In The Middle Of My Latest Job I Ve Taken Down Vampires, Zombies, And Ogres, But Dragons Are Way, Way Powerful And It Doesn T Look Like This One Is Going To Like Me Worse Than That, He Wants To Use His Magic To Compel Me To Do His Bidding, As If I M Some Weak Minded Minion That S Not Going To Happen I D Die Before Being Some Dragon S Slave But If I Can T Figure Out A Way To Avoid Him, Save My Boss, And Get Rid Of The Government Spook, I M Screwed Or Dead Or Screwed And Dead And That S Never Comfortable

About the Author: Lindsay Buroker

I m a full time indie fantasy and science fiction author When I m not writing, I m ferrying my dogs to hiking trails for adventures.

10 thoughts on “Sinister Magic

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    Sinister Magic is book one in a brand new urban fantasy series, Death Before Dragons, by Lindsay Buroker.What an AWSOME Urban Fantasy It reminded me a little of Kate Daniels series, yet completely different

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    I like Lindsay Buroker and enjoy her books, but they re outside my usual genre i.e while they often contain romances, those romances aren t ever truly central Even her sci fi romance books written under a penname are

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    Sinister Magic was interesting I love how the novel is straight forward It didn t waste any time in creating predictable suspense.

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    3.7 starsWhy, oh why does one of my most favorite authors jump on the YA 1st person narration bandwagon It s so sad, I could cry Half elf Val is a government contracted assassin fighting magical criminals When she crosses pass with a

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    Great new series by Lindsay Buroker Already grab a copy of second book and can t wait for its release.

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    2.5 5Readable but predictable and formulaic It had great moments and it doesn t treat itself too seriously I mean, the story s protagonist sleeps and fights with a sword named Chopper and a gun called Fezzik She s six feet tall and can bench pressthan

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    3.5 stars This was entertaining and a good set up first book for a new series The last series by this author I really clicked with was her Emperor s Edge series which I got the first book back in the heady days when getting free ebooks was a new and awesome thi

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    Lindsay Buroker knows how to craft interesting complex yet fun and often utterly cool characters like no other She s also the champ at creating kick a heroines my favorite kind of character That skill is fully on display in her new book, Sinister Magic, the start of her

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    Originally published at Reading RealityIt s been a while since I ve seen a new urban fantasy series, let alone one that I couldn t wait to dive into Once upon a time, urban fantasy and its kissing cousin paranormal romance were everywhere, but now, not so much.Not that there are

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    3.5Magic Dragons A bad ass, weapons toting, sarcastic, confident and competent female lead Yes Sign me up. I m really enjoying the start to this new series, and can t wait to see where the story goes my only issue is that everyone really seems to treat the h like crap if they aren t tryi

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