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Traitor: A Novel of World War II Poland, After The Soviet Liberation Of Lw W From Germany, The City Remains A Battleground Between Resistance Fighters And Insurgent Armies, Its Loyalties Torn Between Poland And Ukraine Seventeen Year Old Tolya Korolenko Is Half Ukrainian, Half Polish, And He Joined The Soviet Red Army To Keep Himself Alive And Fed When He Not Quite Accidentally Shoots His Unit S Political Officer In The Street, He S Rescued By A Squad Of Ukrainian Freedom Fighters They Might Have Saved Him, But Tolya Doesn T Trust Them He Especially Doesn T Trust Solovey, The Squad S War Scarred Young Leader, Who Has Plenty Of Secrets Of His OwnThen A Betrayal Sends Them Both On The Run And In A City Where Loyalty Comes Second To Self Preservation, A Traitor Can Be An Enemy Or A Savior Or Sometimes Both

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    judging by the title, it looks like the book me and ilsa co wrote about may is coming out soon thanks to the publisher for the arc, which came in a very cool box

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    Well, I like it.Content warnings view spoiler Graphic wartime violence, including on the page depictions of suicide Chapter 20 and torture Chapters 21 23 anti Polonism, anti Ukrainianism, and anti Semitism, including ethnic slurs brief references to child abuse alcohol and drug use strong language hide spoiler You can

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    I received an ARC the book will be published in August 2020 from a virtual book con Usually historical fiction is not the type of book that I would go for but I had entered the contest for this particular book for my daughter who loves WW2 and that time era When it arrived she was so busy with her new virtual student life that I

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    The Official Cover Reveal for Traitor A Novel of World War II was 2 26 20 My Blog Bookstagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook The Official Cover Reveal for Traitor A Novel of World War II was 2 26 20 My Blog Bookstagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook

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    During World War II, the territory in Eastern Europe known as Galicia was the scene of fierce, bloody fighting Even before the war, there had been fighting between the Ukrainian and Polish people living in that part of Eastern Europe These conflicts were ignited again in addition to the battles being fought against the German army and the Russian a

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    I received this ARC for free courtesy of YALLWEST, thanks again As stated on the back, the book comes out 8 25 20 Traitor is a novel that takes place in WWII, following half Ukrainian and half Polish seventeen year old Tolya Korolenko After shooting his unit s political officer, he s saved by Ukrainian freedom fighters, including squad leader Solovey However

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    Wow Just wow This book is astonishing If you think there is nothing new to learn about World War II, it will definitely prove you wrong The writing is lovely clean and simple, but with spot on descriptions that involve all the senses The plot is truly gripping and compelling And the characters I loved so many of them and I really loved that with maybe one exception ,

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    This story takes place during the Soviet liberation of a town in Poland that had just been in German hands The story of a boy half polish half Ukraine, a mix that is the most undesired at his point But Tolya does what he must to stay safe and feed Until the day comes that changes everything and sends Toyla on the run, not sure who he can trust if anyone.This is a powerful book

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    This is my first ever Netgalley book and I apologize for being tardy with my review The setting is Poland 1944 in and around the city Lwow Lviv The story is told in third party narration and is split between two young men Tolya and Solovey as they negotiate their way through a city that is being fought over by Polish resistance fighters, The UPA, and the NVKD If those initials were forei

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    Thank you net galley for the advance reader copy of this novel This was a YA novel set in WWII Poland Ukraine and deals with the many different groups that try to seize power from the polish Resistance, to the UPA, to the NVKD, to the Nazis I have not read a novel about this area and time period before and it was so rich in detail and character Tolya is a main character and his story and the story

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