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The Stories of Breece DJ Pancake Breece D J Pancake Cut Short A Remarkably Promising Career When He Took His Own Life In At The Age Of In Little, Brown And Company S Posthumous Publication Of This Book Electrified The Literary World With A Force That Still Resounds Across Two Decades A Collection Of Stories That Depict The World Of Pancake S Native Rural West Virginia With Astonishing Power And Grace, The Stories Of Breece D J Pancake Has Remained Continuously In Print And Is A Perennial Favorite Among Aspiring Writers, Participants In Creative Writing Programs, And Students Of Contemporary American Fiction Trilobites , The First Of Pancake S Stories To Be Published In The Atlantic, Elicited An Extraordinary Immediate Response From Readers And Continues To Be Widely Anthologized

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    These 12 stories silenced the general clamour I carry around with me Few experiences can render me peaceable sated, but with Breece D J Pancake, this guy just surrenders everything, he is authentic, and as John Casey mentions, Breece absorbs, learns ages everything he welcomes While he lived Receiving that hone

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    February 2009This was a difficult one to review objectively After all, to read Breece D J Pancake is to know Breece D J Pancake, and to know about him is to know about his death A self inflicted shotgun blast to the head at age 26, and these twelve stories the only works he left how can you ignore that This collection has an alm

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    Ever buy a book for the poem on the first, unnumbered, page because the poem is so spot on you can hardly stand it And you didn t have a pen or a big enough scrap of paper or the time to kneel in the aisle of the store and scribble the first line and maybe perhaps the author And although Professor Dane taught you well and with certainty how

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    My Thanks must go first to Melanie for suggesting this amazing book Thank you for sharing this The image of a fox on the cover was very misleading as I might have expected peaceful nature stories A poor assumption, these stories are dark, violent, challenging, hopeful, tragic and just so damned good that I can t explain except to say these storie

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    Just 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 The writing was brilliant, and I have a sense that there was a part of Pancake in every one of these stories, he knows his people and his territory well He committed suicide at the age of 26, and his depressive personality is on view in all of these stories Not a one of them has anything in it of hope or escape from the b

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    The stories of Breece D J Pancake real name look unflinchingly at the gritty realities of the impoverished Appalachian region its difficulties, tragedies, and impossibilities, and the strength that people pull together which is somehow never quite enough Pancake grew up in the hills of West Virginia and took his own life with in 1979 at the age of 27, just a

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    April 2016 update had to raise this from 4.5 to 5 as the feeling I got from reading the work is so raw, it s really hanging around.This impressive debut collection is perhaps givenweight by the fact that the writer killed himself in his mid twenties, making this his one and only published work Mr Pancake s shotgun ending helps to confirm the similarity with Heming

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