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The Dollmaker Strong Willed, Self Reliant Gertie Nevels S Peaceful Life In The Kentucky Hills Is Devastated By The Brutal Winds Of Change Uprooted From Her Backwoods Home, She And Her Family Are Thrust Into The Confusion And Chaos Of Wartime Detroit And In A Pitiless World Of Unendurable Poverty, Gertie Will Battle Fiercely And Relentlessly To Protect Those Things She Holds Most Dear Her Children, Her Heritage And Her Triumphant Ability To Create Beauty In The Suffocating Shadow Of Ugliness And Despair.

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    I had been trying to remember the details of this book and the title, I read it years ago and was excited because the settin

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    One of my favorite novels.This book still haunts me For regional writers a fine use of dialect, without creating or living up to stere

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    My Appalachian Writers professor mentioned that she knew of a few colleagues who were forming a club for people who could only read The Dollmake

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    This book was depressing, didactic, full of despair and in parts, disturbingly graphic and this review is brought to you by the letter D That said, it was

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    I read this book when I was 10 or 11 and cried all the way through it I was mad at my mother for letting me read it because it was so sad, but later in life realize

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    I rated this a 5 because I read it at least 15 years ago it still remains one of my favorite books A TV movie was made in the 80 s based on it Jane Fonda starred did not come

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    This was a book I read in college over 30 years ago and I still remember it It was well written, but you may need to take anti depressants after you are done.

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    This book just made my greatest novels of all time list Probably becuase it pretty much sums up my political ideologies in a simple and beautiful narrative It was recommended to me by my grandmo

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    WOW Amazing describes The Doll Maker perfectly I was shocked to find that less than 1500 members of GR have read this highly rated book, especially since it was written in the 1954 That simply should not

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    came in the mail yesterday it is really a good book to read a must read for everyone

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