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A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail The Appalachian Trail Stretches From Georgia To Maine And Covers Some Of The Most Breathtaking Terrain In America Majestic Mountains, Silent Forests, Sparking Lakes If You Re Going To Take A Hike, It S Probably The Place To Go And Bill Bryson Is Surely The Most Entertaining Guide You Ll Find He Introduces Us To The History And Ecology Of The Trail And To Some Of The Other Hardy Or Just Foolhardy Folks He Meets Along The Way And A Couple Of Bears Already A Classic, A Walk In The Woodswill Make You Long For The Great Outdoors Or At Least A Comfortable Chair To Sit And Read In

About the Author: Bill Bryson

William McGuire Bill Bryson, OBE, FRS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951 He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer He lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire He and his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK.In The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson s hilarious first travel book, he chronicled a trip in his mother s Chevy around small town America It was followed by Neither Here Nor There, an account of his first trip around Europe Other travel books include the massive bestseller Notes From a Small Island, which won the 2003 World Book Day National Poll to find the book which best represented modern England, followed by A Walk in the Woods in which Stephen Katz, his travel companion from Neither Here Nor There, made a welcome reappearance , Notes From a Big Country and Down Under.Bill Bryson has also written several highly praised books on the English language, including Mother Tongue and Made in America In his last book, he turned his attention to science A Short History of Nearly Everything was lauded with critical acclaim, and became a huge bestseller It was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize, before going on to win the Aventis Prize for Science Books and the Descartes Science Communication Prize His next book, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, is a memoir of growing up in 1950s America, featuring another appearance from his old friend Stephen Katz October 8 sees the publication of A Really Short History of Nearly Everything .

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    It s been a busy couple of weeks, so I thought I d spent the last of my holiday indulging in a witty travelogue to set my feet itching Unfortunately, I picked the wrong book Years of declining the advice of the Bryson worshipers, it seems, was not in vain.I m halfway through, and like the author on the daunting trail am unsure as to whether or not I can finish my task Bryson sounds, to put it m

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    I am what some might call a pussy hiker I do genuinely enjoy a leisurely stroll in the mountains of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire I like the pretty views I always bring my conveniently sized L.L Bean backpack 39.95 from the Kittery Outlets so I have a place for my camera and cell phone But by early afternoon, I would like to be done, please I would like to be done and sitting at a booth in a

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    I kind of surprised I liked this book at all, because a I read pathetically little non fiction b I ve never read a travelogue ANDc I m only a fan of the Great Outdoors as long as I m safely Indoors.So, color me shocked that I not only finished this, but giggled my way through quite a bit of it Bryson really is a pretty funny writer, and the way he captured his experience on the Appalachian Trail had me in tears

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    I m no city mouse I m a country mouse who lives in jeans and who often has a thick layer of soil under her nails from gardening But, when compared to my brother, I feel like Beyonc.My brother is like Inman, from Cold Mountain A man who walks and walks, all over Appalachia.He knows how to forage for food and how to identify what is good and what is bad, out in nature I can point to anything within the plant kingdom, and h

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    I wanted to like Bill Bryson s A Walk in the Woods Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail Not sure what I was expecting from this perhapsabout hiking on the actual AT and the reasons Bryson made this trek but I was mostly disappointed It read like a series of travel brochures here s the history of the region on this section of the trail, and now another There was muchattention devoted to towns along the route than hiking

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    Bill Bryson calls the Appalachian Trail the grandaddy of long hikes, but for me, this book is the granddaddy of hiking memoirs I first read it sometime around 1999, and I enjoyed it so much that not only have I reread this multiple times, but it also inspired me to read at least a dozen other hiking adventures None have matched Bryson s wit Before he started writing long books on various aspects of history, Bryson was known for his entert

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    Definitely read the book if you re a fan of the outdoors and hiking I learned about the book after watching the movie, and let me say, the book to me was much better.

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    Undoubtedly an amusing, breezy read, full of the kind of fun and hilarity all the blurbs lead you to expect For instance, Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature Nonsense A moose is a cow drawn by a three year old That had me laughing on the train.I can t say I liked this book quite as much as some of my friends seem to On the one hand, I ve had at least 1 semi grueling backpacking experience with a companion who was whol

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    Well, scratch the Appalachian Trail off my bucketlist Bryson sets off to walk the Appalachian trail with only an extremely overpriced backpack packed with equally ridiculously expensive gear , an old friend that he hadn t talked to in years and a will to find his next story He quickly realized that the months of preparation he conducted and the lack of months his friend prepared were not nearly adequate But on the plus side, he certainly found his story.As always,

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    Bill Bryson is extremely annoying I started out liking this book, but the further I went along, theobnoxious I found the author s smarter than thou attitude And that s a shame, too, because I was very interested in the subject matter and had the impression that Bryson wrote with a comedic edge However, his sense of humor turns out to be quite bland, and consists mostly of making fun of everyone he meets Get ready for adjectives like stupid and fat very high brow And don t w

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